Jordyn – Tiffany King


Hand to hand combat training: Check
Cardio and strength training: Check
Daemon hunting: Check
Anomaly: Check

Check, check, check, check…That’s all my life is. There’s nothing ordinary about me. I’m “special.” I know this because I’m reminded of it every stinking day. I can kick a Daemon’s ass with both hands tied behind my back. I can run up a mountain without breaking a sweat. Know what I can’t do? Get guys to notice me, or hang out with friends like normal people do. I can’t just be ordinary because I have an Arch Angel for a mentor who is always breathing down my neck, and a family of angelic Guides and Protectors who scrutinize every little thing I do. Just for a day I want a life where I’m no longer some anomaly, where I don’t have to feel like a lab rat.

And then I met Emrys. Okay, so my mentor and family hate him, but probably for good reason. After-all, he is a Soul Trader, and they aren’t the most trust worthy beings. But, he is sooo hot with his green eyes, leather jacket and the sexiest tattoo you’ve ever seen running down his back. And-he doesn’t treat me like a project.

I’ve got myself in quite a little quandary here. Choosing between my responsibilities and the Trader that holds my heart is something I didn’t sign up for. Torn between two different worlds, I must now decide who to trust and who to walk away from. What’s a girl to do? See what I mean? I am an anomaly. I am Jordyn.

Published by: A.T. Publishing LLC

Publication date: February 9th 2013

Pages: 278

Genres: fantasy, paranormal, romance

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved this book! It was one of the first books I bought when I got my kindle because it was free. Good old free books. Some of the free kindle books are amazing and end up being favourites of mine, like this one.

Demons: check

Badass Girl: check

Hot bad boy: check

Did I mention demons?? If you don’t know already, I love books about demons/angels or anything supernatural really. This book is all of that so it quickly went up to my favourites pile. I love the main character Jordyn. She has so recollection of her past, only that she was supposedly in a accident that killed her parents leaving her to live with her uncle and aunt and their friends. They just so happen to be a family of angelic Guides and protectors who hunt demons. Oh and they are buddies with an Arch Angel who becomes Jordyn’s mentor because she can kick demon butt and kill them with a single touch if they are in their natural form. I love how sarcastic she is and I love her various choice of swear words. One day when she is on the beach she runs into Emrys, a soul trader who is hot and spells trouble with a capital T. Of course no one likes this because he is a demon and try to keep them apart. With everyone constantly suffocating her and telling her what to do and of course with her rebellious nature, she stops at nothing to sneak away with him, if only a couple minutes. She struggles to know where she fits into the world and why she is like she is and hates how she is feeling controlled by everyone. But Emrys makes her feel normal, the one thing she has always wanted.

Lets talk about Emrys. Yes he may be a typical hot bad boy but damn I will never grow tired of them! He is a soul trader, a questionable soul while human, who made the choice to be able to stay on Earth instead of going to heaven or hell. But he must collect souls for heaven and hell to be able to stay in human form and so for Jordyn’s family and friends he is branded untrustworthy. I love how he just randomly pops up everywhere to get Jordyn’s attention. I love when he takes her to New York and they are standing on the top of the empire state building. It’s so freaking romantic. Why can’t someone teleport me to New York?? I love that even though he was sent to do something he does the opposite (kind cliche I know but nether the less I love that type of thing). Trust is a big thing for Jordyn and when she finds out the truth about herself and realises everyone she loved was lying to her it will either make her or break her.

I highly recommend this book. Like, if you have a kindle go on it right now and buy it because it’s freaking free!






“I was alone. Alone to ponder the cards I had been dealt. Alone to make sense of what I was.”

“Mother of monkey asses, these were new pants.”

“That’s not saying much,” I said. “You’re like some grim reaper?”

“Ouch”, he answered, clutching where his heart would have been. “How dare you call me a grim reaper. I prefer ‘soul man’.”

“If Haniel was going to treat me like a child, I was going to rebel a little more like one.”

“Lose the grin before I clothesline you, pretty boy.”

“Sweets, all my plans begin addend with you,” Emrys said as we strolled the opposite direction from my house.

“Nice line. I bet you say it to all the girls,” I quipped, trying to ignore the rapid fluttering in my heart.

“I only use that line on the girls I see on Thursdays,” he teased.

“Solitude was my new friend, my new love. Solitude would never lie to me.”

“I was created from nothing and everything.”

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