What I saw – Beck Nicholas


One punch will shatter a town.

Is anyone ready for the consequences of the truth?

Callie Jones is not the kind of girl who gets drunk at school dances, and certainly not now, with her scholarship on the line. And she definitely doesn’t hang around with bad boys like Rhett Barker. Especially alone, at night. But these are the circumstances she finds herself in when she witnesses a king hit that lands the town’s golden boy in a coma.

With his reputation, no one is less surprised than Rhett when he is accused of throwing the punch. But he didn’t do it. And he knows Callie saw what really went down. He just has to convince the ‘ice princess’ to come forward and talk to the police – except, for once, good girl Callie doesn’t seem all that interested in telling the truth. Just what is she hiding, and why?

Drawn together by secrets, scandal and heartache, Callie and Rhett find themselves getting closer – even as the solution to their problems gets further away.

Published by: Harlequin Teen

Publication date: March 1st 2016

Pages: 301

Genres: contemporary, romance

* May contain minor spoilers

My Thoughts

This book is touching and heart breaking. The message in this story is really important, especially with it happening in real life more often. It shows you how it can effect the lives of people around you and also, the importance of telling the truth. Set over only a couple days, the story follows the story of Callie, a popular good girl and Rhett, the loner bad boy, kinda cliche but I always love these types of stories. On the night of the school dance, Callie goes outside for fresh air and stumbles across Rhett. They talk for a bit until they are interrupted by a fight which Rhett runs into and ends up being accused of throwing a king hit that knocks out the town’s star football player Hayden, leaving him in a coma. Everyone believes that Rhett threw the punch, with his record it seems the most likely, but Callie witnessed it all and she knows who really hit Hayden, her little brother Sean.

Most of the book was of Callie trying do decide what to do. Tell the truth and watch her little brother lose everything, her family hating her but seeing an innocent go free. Or Lie and protect her little brother and his dream of becoming a football star and therefore sentencing an innocent to jail and gaining a lifetime of guilt. Rhett pushes her to tell the truth and Sean begs her to keep her mouth shut. Torn between her choices, she turns to Rhett to give her a reason to go against her brother. But the more time they spend together, the more she realises that Rhett isn’t just the bad boy everyone say he is, he is much more than that. She knows some things for certain. He is fiercely protective of his sister, he is kind and thoughtful and not completely the bad boy everyone thinks he is. He  loves animals, gains his families only income by working at the local vet and dreams to become a real vet in his future. Oh and she may be falling in love with him.

As much as Rhett wants her to tell the truth, in the end he leaves it up to her entirely which makes his character very admirable. He knows that if he gets the blame, with his record he will be going straight to jail. With his father on parol he knows he can’t leave his mother and sister alone because they will naively let him back into their lives, just to take what they have and leave them alone with nothing. He has a dream of becoming a vet but figures that he will never be able to reach for it so why bother? But Callie gives him hope and for once, he believes he could do it. With all of this on his shoulders he still leaves the choice and ultimately his future completely in her hands because the more he gets to know her the more he wants her in his life and he knows she will do the right thing.

What I saw tackles such a difficult subject and one that is in the media a lot lately and shows just how much it can effect you. The repercussions of the king hit itself was interesting as the school seemed to take over the investigation and not so much the police, which was a bit strange but it gave the characters more of a chance to think about what happened, how to move forward and the consequences of what may be. The book is written by Beck Nicholas, and Australian author, but the story isn’t set at a specific place which I think gives the story more power. This could happen anywhere in any country.

I highly recommend this book! I have never read a book about this subject before and I think the author did a great job of tackling the issue.



“It’s not as though he knows what I saw. No-one does.”

“I saw the first glimpse of a future where I can choose to be whoever I want to be. It’s kinda scary, but it’s exciting.”

“He’s dark and dangerous. Everyone knows he’s just like his dad – one argument away from jail.”

“Each step takes me higher but my feet are sure. I am not afraid of falling now. I still have a choice. I can still be free.”


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