Akarnae – Lynette Noni


With just one step, sixteen-year-old Alexandra Jennings’s world changes—literally.
Dreading her first day at a new school, Alex is stunned when she walks through a doorway and finds herself stranded in Medora, a fantasy world full of impossibilities. Desperate to return home, she learns that only a man named Professor Marselle can help her… but he’s missing.

While waiting for him to reappear, Alex attends Akarnae Academy, Medora’s boarding school for teenagers with extraordinary gifts. She soon starts to enjoy her bizarre new world and the friends who embrace her as one of their own, but strange things are happening at Akarnae, and Alex can’t ignore her fear that something unexpected… something sinister… is looming.

An unwilling pawn in a deadly game, Alex’s shoulders bear the crushing weight of an entire race’s survival. Only she can save the Medorans, but what if doing so prevents her from ever returning home?

Will Alex risk her entire world—and maybe even her life—to save Medora?

Title: Akarnae (The Medoran Chronicles #1)

Author: Lynette Noni

Publisher: Pantera Press

Pages: 436

Date released: February 1st 2015

My Thoughts

This book fulfils every teens dream! Everyone, especially teens, at some stage feel like they just don’t belong. The story follows Alex who is dreading being sent away to a boarding school after her parents drop the bomb that they are going overseas for work for eight months. Just thinking about moving to a new school and having to make new friends makes her feel sick. When she turns up and has a run in with her new peers, she wishes for anything but spending the next eight months at the horrible place. When she goes to enrol and finds a doorway that opens up into a forest clearing she dose what anyone would do and walks through it. But when she turns around and finds that there is no door, building or person in sight she thinks for sure she is going insane. In the forest she meets three people.

  1. Aven, a guy who insists it was destiny that brought them together and that they will rule Medora together.
  2. &  3.  Jordan and Bear, guys her age that tell her that she is on Freya… Not earth.

Alex thinks this must be nut-job central because surely she can’t be in another world. But the more she sees of this strange place the more she starts to believe it. When she finds out there is no way to get home without the headmaster of Akarnae Academy who is missing, she is left with nothing to do but attend the academy, a school for teens with special gifts. At first she is appalled at the subjects she is forced to take. Not only the usual boring ones but also archery, equestrian skills and combat class. As the weeks go past and friends at her side she finds that maybe it isn’t such a bad place after all. After one night of going into the mysterious library, she finds out she is a chosen one and has the power to call any door to anywhere from the library as well as access to all the library’s knowledge and secrets. When Aven keeps randomly showing up telling her it’s nearly time, Alex knows there is something very strange about him. If she wishes to save Medora and an entire race, she must find out who Aven is and what really really wants. Fast.

I love everything about Akarnae! The storyline, the characters and the writing is so enjoyable and lively. The thing I like about Alex’s character the most is that she is so adaptable. She goes from living with her parents to going to a boring school to walking through a magical door and finding out she isn’t even on Earth anymore and attending a school for kids with powers? Any normal person would surely go a little insane but Alex’s character is so adaptable and always makes the most of everything which I love. Her friends Jordan and Bear are the typical best friends that you can’t help but love. They are always up for an adventure (even if it breaks the rules), they are protective and funny and are just so damn likeable. Aven’s character is so dark and mysterious (my favourite) and he left me wondering ‘what the hell is going on’ until the very end. I absolutely love the idea of a magical library! I think that would be any bookworm’s dream. I sure know I would love to be in control of a magical library and have access to all of its infinite knowledge and secretes. I kind of liked how romance wasn’t a big aspect of this book and how it focused more on the story itself. But there were comments that left room for possible relationships in the books to come which is also good because I always love a good romance!

Overall, I absolutely adored Akarnae and everything that came with it! I highly recommend it if you are a fan of Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia or anything like those stories.


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“Literature may increase one’s depth of knowledge, but not all knowledge be found in literature. Only with practical experience can one truly learn and thus be considered knowledgeable.”

“Jordan grimaced and said, “They’re kind of… booby-trapped.” “Booby-trapped,” she deadpanned. He looked at her innocently and shrugged as if to say it wasn’t his fault. “You know what?” Alex muttered. “I don’t even want to know how you know that.”

About the Author

9857504Lynette Noni grew up on a farm in outback Australia until she moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and swapped her mud-stained boots for sand-splashed flip-flops. She has always been an avid reader and most of her childhood was spent lost in daydreams of far-off places and magical worlds. She was devastated when her Hogwarts letter didn’t arrive, but she consoled herself by looking inside every wardrobe she could find, and she’s still determined to find her way to Narnia one day. While waiting for that to happen, she creates her own fantasy worlds and enjoys spending time with the characters she meets along the way.


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