The Book of Annabelle

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Welcome to the fictional realm my fellow book worms! My name is Annabelle and I am an Australian fangirl who has a passion for reading books. You will always see me with a book in my hand, whether it’s in my room, on the train, walking across the road (safe, I know) or hiding my book in a textbook at university when I’m meant to be listening to a lecture (not even sorry). I have always loved collecting books since a very young age and staring at its beauty all day long without actually reading them. Until one fateful day in 2012 when I was stuck at home sick and decided to read. Since then I have read hundreds of books and still find myself staring at my bookshelf for hours on end. I have a terrible habit of whispering one more chapter to myself at 4am in the morning and having to physically force myself to put the book down so I can sleep. No matter how hard I try, I will always end up in a bookshop at least 3 times a week and come out with at least 2 books no matter how much I tell myself no. I also have a habit of coming up with multiple excuses and scenarios as to how my favourite fictional character isn’t actually dead. Some say I’m insane, I say I’m a fangirl through and through.

When I’m not reading or reviewing I’m either designing book covers and posters on photoshop or posting pictures of books on Instagram. I love binge watching tv shows (fantasy, scifi, paranormal, basically anything that isn’t real life) and cuddling with my cat, although I do most of the cuddling and he does the escaping. I love photography and taking snaps of random pretty things. I am currently writing my own book and am very excited to share it with you when I am finished! I will be posting some snippets of it on this website along with the book reviews and blog posts. I also have a society6 account (annabellechloe) where I design graphic design pieces and they are made into things such as t-shirts, phone covers, pillow cases etc. so check it out!

Connect with me on Instagram (@thefictionalrealm) and Twitter (@annabellechloe) and feel free to leave comments or questions!

I hope you enjoy the land of fiction!



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