Hidden in The Dark

Hidden In The Dark-Book FrontCover

Seraphina Lawford can’t remember anything from her past, only that she woke up in a creepy cemetery with no memory of her life before. Strange stuff starts happening and there is always one person in the middle of it, Rory Hades. As if he’s last name isn’t creepy enough, add talk of angels and demons and being able to feel others emotions into the mix and Sera is sure she’s going insane. Rory always seems to be there when she’s in trouble but blows her off just as quickly as he came. As much as she tells herself Rory is bad news, she just can’t seem to keep away and weirder yet, he is the only person’s emotions she can’t feel.

When Sera starts to get other abilities she knows one thing, she has to get answers. But that’s easier said then done. Having the ability to feel people’s emotions means knowing when their telling the truth and everyone seems to be lying to her.

Right and wrong, good and evil, nothing seems to be straight forward anymore and soon Sera is going to have to choose a side, but whichside is the right side? When everything goes south and Sera’s path is revealed she knows one thing for sure. You can’t run from your destiny.

Coming Early 2016


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